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Software: Standard Token Subscription, per Sensor


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Predicta4’s AI-enabled Cloud Software monitors all collected data and turns them into diagnostic information. P-Cube as a predictive maintenance IoT device, syncs directly with our Cloud Software.

With Standard Token subscription, you can have multiple users, add up to 50 devices to your account, view detailed historical data and analytical vibration graphs on our Dashboard. To compare different Predicta4 Dashboard plans, click on this link: Compare Predicta4 Dashboard Plans

Frequently Bought Together:

P-CUBE 203: Smart Wireless Vibration/Temperature Sensor (Pack of 7)

P-Cube 203 is a smart wireless vibration/temperature sensor. It can be used for machinery vibration monitoring and analysis. By using P-Cube 203 you can detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and bearing wear faults for your rotating machines. P-Cube 203 allows you to evaluate your asset health and improve its uptime by providing you with actionable insights.

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Software: Standard Token Subscription

What you get:

  • Device Setup App
  • Multi User
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Store Machine Information
  • Dashboard Access
    • Sync Up to 50 Devices
    • Analytical Tools (TWF, FFT)
    • Trend Machine Data

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1 review for Software: Standard Token Subscription, per Sensor

  1. David

    Using this amazing subscription, I was able to sync all of my 10 P-Cubes at our site. We now have access to detailed vibration analysis and machine trend data that helps us monitor our equipment condition.

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